Beyond My Imagination

The moon is faintly appearing in a small universe that spans the gap between colors. A new journey will begin on the other side of the world,  beyond my imagination.

Spring Man

This is "cubic". But that doesn't mean one. This is "spring." It is spring when I was born.

Rose Girl

I think colors can convey a variety of feelings and emotion. I personally enjoy painting in warm colors since they convey feelings of optimism.

Flower Of Fireworks

What color is your fireworks? I use colors to convey what I feel about the things I paint.


I like the cat that I have as a pet. What I'm trying to do is to explore the idea of representing emotions through both shape and color.

Time Messenger

The precious flame that warms people all over the world must not be used as a source of sadness. It is a "Time Messenger" that connects the time of hope from the past to the future.
世界中の人たちを暖かく満たしてくれる大切な炎は、悲しみの源として使ってはいけない。過去から未来へ希望の時をつなぐ"Time Messenger"なのだから。
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