Piano and Flowers

I usually listen to piano songs of various genres. First, I drew a grand piano, assembled it as parts, and finally studded small flowers.
普段、僕は、いろんなジャンルのピアノ曲を好んで聴くことが多い。 まず、グランドピアノを描きあげて、それをパーツとして組み合わせ、最後に小さな花をちりばめてみた。

Cherry Flow

Weeping cherry that left a lasting impression on me when cherry-blossom viewing at Mikamine Park in Sendai, Japan. It was as if the fireworks "Kamuro-chrysanthemums" was blooming and hanging down. I want to enjoy such a cherry tree in the starry sky.
仙台にある三神峯公園でお花見をした時に印象に残った枝垂れ桜。 まるで花火の「かむろ菊」が花開いて垂れ下がってくるような美しさだった。こんな桜を星空の中で楽しみたい。

The Snail

A snail that I met at "Tenshukaku Nature Park" in Akiu, Miyagi, Japan. I painted it with the intention of borrowing only the shape and creating a new kind of one. The result was a strange one. But this is just right for me.

The Black Fireworks

In contrast to last year's work, I put a phantom black fireworks in a burning night sky. If fireworks have a life, it seems that fireworks that have disappeared in the past have become ghosts and are resurrected in my world.
昨年の作品とは対照的に、燃え上がる夜空の中に、幻の黒い花火を 浮かべてみた。もし、花火に命があるなら、過去に姿を消した花火が亡霊となって僕の世界で復活し、花開いているようだ。

Champagne Flash Of The Eiffel Tower

On a trip to France 21 years ago, I was disappointed that I could not see the Eiffel Tower light up. I would like to see the moon celebrating with champagne on the one dyed in my color.


Geranium that bloomed outside my kitchen when I was young. The smell of the leaves was intense, but the deep red petals that feel the vitality are still branding in my eyes.
幼い頃、実家の台所の外で咲いていたゼラニウム。葉の匂いも強烈 だったが、生命力を感じる深みのある真っ赤な花びらは、今でも僕 の目に焼き付いている。
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