Are there any creatures that surpass the owl's sight? If you see a world that is invisible to humans, I want you to share that power with me.


Stardust is taking a walk in the night sky that has erased the darkness. The Lord of the Forest is sucked into the moonlight.

The Shades Of Spring

The white wall I was looking at when I was a boy was a space for leaving a mark on the future. Between light and shadow, I am invited by the spring breeze and continue to explore the future.


At dusk, it is a grand finale to celebrate the goodbye with the sun on that day. Audience stars are celebrating.
Like every a dahlia petal pouring in the colors of life, touching a glass wax figure, I hear a sigh that captures the light of tomorrow.

Baby Dinosaur

All fossils are beyond the imagination of those who live now. Everyday things, landscapes, and creatures are all seeds of imagination for the future.

Hello, everyone!

Rosey-faced lovebird joined the family from July. Reminds me that small lives have a strong will.

A Pocket Full Of Fireworks

A fellow planet bursts out of the pocket called Earth. Pack my creative fireworks in my heart pocket and carry it.
地球というポケットから仲間の惑星が、弾け溢れてゆく僕だけの創造花火を心のポ ケットに詰めて持ち歩く。

Bay Of Rainbows

There is a place on the moon called “Bay Of Rainbows”. In addition to the arc-shaped rainbow, I tried to bloom on the moon.


The color is melting. Where is the fire? I feel like I learned the fun of drawing over multiple layers of images.

Apple Guitar

I think guitar and apple are a great combination for those who like foreign music. Guitars suit a sweet and sour scent.
ギターとりんご。洋楽好きにはたまらない組み合わせ。 ギターには甘酸っぱい香りがよく似合う。

In Harmony With Planets

The truth of the universe, which is formed while colliding and mixing, teaches us various things.
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